12H Project

Trilogy of contemporary dance.

12H is based on a process of cross-cultural and international cooperation. Includes three continents (Latin America, Asia and Europe) and three different cultures.

To achieve our goal it is essential to produce and create in each of the mentioned places, so that the creative contribution is influenced by each cultural context. Allowing an artistic translation to the body and the space from the impulses we will experience in each city such as its architecture, open air places, markets, people, climate, shapes, movements, music, dynamics, rhythm and directions.


With this project, we aim to build bridges between cultures and facilitate access to them through art. In the beauty and particularity, is where we want to put the focus. We will take as triggers the conflicts, misunderstandings and challenges that could arise among us during the creative process to approach the point of view of the other and to observe our own.

We are looking for partners, residencies and support for this international piece which involves artists from the three continents. Please contact:

Original idea and choreographers: Moonsuk Choi andYamila Knodhr.