[Babies] Floating puppets

Sensory installation

45 min


Babies and small children

Inclusive show 
Children with special needs


FLOTANTE is a sensory installation featuring hanging puppets and original music for babies aged 6-24 months and for the little ones from 2 to 4 years old.

A shared experience where a mysterious being invites us to immerse ourselves in a different universe of beauty and fiction – almost like a collective dream.

Ferns, moss and fog dominate the scene creating a magic atmosphere. Sea creatures and bright stars live side by side, inviting us to contemplate a wider sense of existence. We are travelling in an astral paradise which imbues the observer with calmness, tranquility and the certainty that this world is our home.

Surrounded by sounds, floating puppets and colours, we appeal to the imagination where everything that happens is up in the air.

Created by Azul Borenstein and Natalia Chami.


We are currently planning our 2018/19 tours.


Have a look at FLOTANTE

"Flotante is a sensitive experience that invites the little ones to play in a beautiful universe of space and aquatic beings"
Mother like no other

“A playful delight”

Marcia Bello

“A sensitive, playful, sensory and participatory experience”

Marisa Rojas 


We are performing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, every Friday and Sunday at "El camarín de las Musas" Theatre.


FLOTANTE has been selected to be part of: 

2018. FAMFEST. Internacional Theatre Festival for Young Audiences. Santiago, Chile

2018. SOY FESTIVAL. International Festival in Tecnópolis. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2017. C3. Centro Cultural de la Ciencia. Buenos Aires, Argentina.