Primary Colours

Black light puppets

45 min

2-7 years old


"Colores Primarios" [Primary Colors] walks through early childhood by focusing on Luca, a young boy who is discovering the world around him. For Luca, that journey along real and imaginary worlds is a journey of self-discovering.

From his first steps until entering school, let's enjoy to this black light puppets universe.

La Zopenca Company, Natalia Bindenmaister and Guadalupe Lombardozzi.

With this show we have toured in China, Argentina and Perú. We are ready to perform in you city!

"This is a worldwide show as it have to do with the feelings we all pass throw wile growing."

"Like an initiatory journey characterized by a child. He discovers curiosity, love, fiar, desire... the beauty of realize about the world"


2017. Tour in Shanghai, Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Dalian and Changsha, China.

2015. Art Festival for Young Audience “La Ballena Azul”. Centro Cultural Kirchner, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2014.Festival Internacional de Teatro para Bebés (FITBA). Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2013. 15th Shanghai International Arts Festival, China.

2012. Festival Internacional de Teatro de Cuzco, Perú.

2012. 23rd Macau Arts Festival, China.