50 min

8+ years old


“Miniatures” evolved from an engagement with children aged 9-12 and their life situations. MAFALDA met with children both in Switzerland and in Argentina and engaged in a discussion on crucial questions about their everyday lives, their
dreams and their longings.

Questions such as: Do you think your current best friend will still be your best friend in ten years’ time?, What things are you better at than your parents or other grown-ups?, How many realities are there? What actually is this thing we call destiny? In what situation did you terribly miss someone? When were you somebody else? When did you fight your own fear? were the starting point of those discussions.

The children’s vivid imagination, their stories and drawings were turned into choreographies interacting with video pieces.


Since 1999, Company MAFALDA has produced dance theatre pieces. Five years ago the choreographer Teresa Rotemberg has focus in the interests of the young audience producing shows for them.

SUPORT: Company Mafalda is part of the cultural foundation Pro Helvetia platform, international flight tickets on tour will be covered.

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“Miniatures” is an international co-production created in collaboration with a group of children form the Villa 20 in Argentina and a school in Switzerland.

“Company MAFALDA offers insight into a global context of children’s realities and it increases awareness of the living worlds and fantasies that can be discovered there.


2019. Parque Tecnópolis del Bicentenario, Ciencia, Tecnología, Cultura y Arte. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2019. Tanzhaus Zürich, Switzerland.

2019. Teatro Gofechössi, Lichtensteig, Switzerland.