Dream beautifully bad!


60 min

7+ years old


The inspiration for this production came straight out of the colourful world of children's dreams; weird characters and quirky monsters appear to send pleasant, yet eerie shivers down children’s – and adult’s – spines.

Luckily, the fairytale-like adventures, which appeal to all senses, are not just thrilling, but also poetic, exciting and at times pretty funny...

There is a special relation between dreams and dance: in both cases the contents can be abstract, unknown, strange and bizarre, but at the same time deep touching experiences.

“Dream beautifully bad!” by Company Mafalda aims at raising awareness for the mysterious world of dreams, a rich field of experience of our inner life. Discover a fascinating insight into your subconsciousness!


Since 1999, Company MAFALDA has produced dance theatre pieces. Five years ago the choreographer Teresa Rotemberg has focus in the interests of the young audience producing shows for them.

SUPORT: Company Mafalda is part of the cultural foundation Pro Helvetia platform, international flight tickets on tour will be covered.

We are ready to perform in your city!

We are are planning our tours 2023/24. Contact: paz@verdever.com.ar.

” An invitation to plunge into the wonderfully wicked world of dreams!”

“A gentle and playful approach through dance and music opens up to young audiences when they try to understand the sometimes mysterious experiences when dreaming.”