Vicky setzt Segel


50 min

4+ years old


This isn’t just a production that can be watched, but also one that invites you to join in!

The audience follows Vicky, the heroine of this piece, right from the start when she courageously sets out on a journey to discover faraway destinations. But more than that, the spectators are also called upon to support Vicky whenever she needs help. All sorts of weird creatures live in the foreign worlds she visits and she encounters many obstacles on her way. But the further she advances the more she finds out that in the end it is up to her whether she has a safe journey and whether the beings she meets become friends or not.

Vicky discovers in a playful way that it is worth approaching new things with courage and empathy likewise, not least because that way one learns a lot about oneself, ones capabilities and limits.

Since 1999, Company MAFALDA has produced dance theatre pieces. Five years ago the choreographer Teresa Rotemberg has focus in the interests of the young audience producing shows for them.

SUPORT: Company Mafalda is part of the cultural foundation Pro Helvetia platform, international flight tickets on tour will be covered.

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Nov 2021. TANZINOLTEN, Switzerland.

Latin America Tour  November 2018
Festival Mostra Espetacular, Teatro José María Santos . Curitiba, Brasil
Festival Danza en la Ciudad. Teatro Eliecer Gaitan and Teatro Villa Mayor. Bogotá, Colombia

Oct 2017. Young Dance Festival, Theater Casino Zug, Switzerland
Jan 2018. Theater Chur, Switzerland.